A Cuckold On Their Anniversary

by Divine Bitches

Savannah Fox may seem sweet, but shea€™s a minx on a mission. Determined to make a sex video with her boyfriend Corbin, she takes him to a specialist and, over his hesitant, squirrelly objections, opts for the full package: dominatrix, cuckolding, humiliation, pegging. Savannah takes to the part with a vengeance, flogging her boyfriend, dressing him up in her panties and lipstick, fully bending him to her sadistic will. She pegs him with a monstrous strap-on and makes him suck Ruckusa€™ hard cock, then ties him down and slaps him in chastity while she cuckolds him. She cums and squirts on Ruckusa€™ cock again and again, while it all rains down in buckets on Corbina€™s groaning face. As a final humiliation, hea€™s made to take Ruckusa€™ huge load, and Savannah laughs at him, a€?happy anniversary, baby!a€?

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